security panel new No more sharing your door keys or access code with the pet sitter or a friend. Give family and friends their codes and get a notification when a code is used. A code can be disabled at any time.

Our remote control app will remind you if a door is left unlocked allowing you to remotely lock it. Use the smartphone app to remotely unlock your door for trusted visitors or scheduled contractors.

Your security panel is personally and professionally monitored from our cloud platform. Opening your monitored door will start a security system countdown. If a ‘disarm’ or ‘emergency’ signal is not received within a chosen period we proactively report a suspected burglar event in your home to local law enforcement.

One-touch Emergency Contact
In a life threatening situation shave precious time by using our one-touch emergency callout button. This puts you in direct contact with the monitoring team saving precious response time.

Better burglar protection is built into our security panels. A smashed panel will automatically signal for help from our professional monitoring station personnel who will call law enforcement for you.

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