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Smart Home Security solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home. Choose each feature in the right column to view the details.

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Check Mate Electronics, Inc. has been designing and installing custom security systems for over thirty years. Using the highest quality technology made by leading manufacturers, Bosch and Interlogix we tailor a security solution for monitoring, protecting and automating each unique home and lifestyle. Knowing what products work best together is part of the value we deliver to our clients.

Our modern security systems are managed through cloud intelligence. Our solutions go beyond security to keep each home safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, and free of repair emergencies. Key devices like lights, locks, thermostats, video and more connect seamlessly to one platform to provide you with control and automation. By working together, they work smarter.

Check Mate Electronics features a dedicated connection with 24/7 personal monitoring. Our installation is location-based automation with personalized usage recommendations based on your activity patterns.

Broadband or Internet down?
No problem.

Electricity outage?
Our battery backup has you covered.

Even a phone line cut will not interrupt your security system. The Check Mate Electronics installation is a dedicated cellular connection that creates reliable, uninterrupted protection.

With remote access control, video monitoring and customized alerts or notifications, you can know what’s happening all the time on your property. Explore the feature details in the icons above, then give us a call. We are personally dedicated to the security of your family and home.

We are more than security. Check Mate Electronics installations feature energy management while saving you money. Call us at 954.941.8854 for a free home review and recommendation.

About CheckMate Electronics

For over 30 years, Check Mate Electronics has been customizing security solutions for each unique home and business need. Our designs utilize the highest quality equipment from Bosche and Interlogix which insures our installations provide reliable, uninterrupted protection.

Installation management through cloud intelligence is the key to remote access allowing you to know and control what’s happening on your property all the time.

Service calls are a thing of the past. We monitor system information and make adjustments and changes within minutes from our control center.

Call us at 954.941.8854 for a free home or business security system needs evaluation.

Where to find Us

Fort Lauderdale,

Telephone: 954.941.8854

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